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Outward Hound Treat Wheel puzzle toy encourages your dog natural foraging skills. Dogs must learn to remove all cups and rotate the toy to get their tasty reward 8 Chambers To Wheel and Deal Your Dog's Treats! The Treat Wheel puzzle dog toy has specially designed, fitted treat cups, as well as hidden chambers. C-Shaped scent holes trigger a dog’s natural curiosity and foraging tendencies. Dogs must figure out how to remove the cups from the base of the Treat Wheel, and then rotate the spinning chamber to reveal a total of 8 hidden compartments. The Treat Wheel has an adjustable knob on the back that can increase or decrease the resistance on the spinning chamber. Difficulty level 3 puzzle Treat Wheel Dimensions Height: 1 1/2” / 4.5cm Diameter: 9” / 22.8cm (Sizes are approximate) Outward Hound Dog Games puzzle toys challenge dogs and stimulate their senses – boredom busting, mental exercise for your pooch! Outward Hound Dog Games puzzle toys teach your dog step-by-step problem solving skills, and offer an appropriate outlet for natural behaviors. Game play is an interactive, positive, and fun experience. These experiences help to build strong bonds between dog and owner.

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