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The Perfect Arched Cat Scratcher/Groomer is a self-groomer and massager, all in one! If you can't keep up with your cat's shedding, let the Perfect Arched Cat Scratcher/Groomer do it for you! This arched wire brush entices your kitty with its massage-like qualities to rub and nudge her little heart out, while it brushes off her excess hair and keeps it from matting and tangling. Cleanup is easy - just vacuum it like you would your own carpet. Great for cats that shed as the Perfect Arched Cat Scratcher/Groomer brushes your kitty's fur for you, completely hands free! Your cat will love the massage-like bristles and keep coming back for more. Features: Brushes cats' coats while they play Plastic shaped bristles gently remove loose, shedding hair Durable and sturdy base with rubberised feet covered in scratching post carpet, perfect for scratching Catnip embedded carpet base ensures your cat enjoys every rub Helps reduce shedding, hair balls and matting Specifications: Height: 36 cm Bristle width: 5 cm Base width: 28.5 cm Package Includes: 1 x Carpet Base with Non-slip Rubber Feet 1 x Bristle Arch 1 x Bag of Catnip

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