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I bought these RayBan sunglasses late last year from Sunglass Hut and have barely touched them! They've only come on a few walks with me, but over time I realised I don't really like brown lenses (they are still amazing quality, I just don't like the sepia filter compared to a grey or green lens). So since then I have bought a different pair that I like a bit better! I've taken extremely good care of these. I have checked them over multiple times and there are absolutely no scratches, dents or any other imperfections. The arms are still tight and they have never been adjusted. I have also never opened the cleaning cloth package! The case is also perfect. The RRP for these babies is $220, but I'm selling them for only $150 (non negotiable). Please be sure to pop into a Sunglass Hut store first and ask if they have these so you can try them on before buying. The SKU for these sunglasses for Sunglass Hut stores is 374073 and the generic style code is #RB2180. If you would like to purchase these, but they don't fit 100% perfectly, you can have them adjusted by the friendly staff at Sunglass Hut, but you can't go wrong if you just pop into a store and try them on first. Strictly no refunds on this item! Thank you for stopping by! :) Item listing on Sunglass Hut (AU):

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