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  • tim0398

    That's all very well but you can't report these people to the police. I fell for a scam on here and lost $500, police can't help at all.

  • seansarah

    Well done mate 👍

  • quick_sales01

    Hi Robert, The phone I got from you 15 days back isn't working :( Can you please help on that, I have updated the comment and dropped a message on that. Can you please help :(



2 years ago by robertm94






Just thought i'd put this up again, as I've noticed that the scammers themselves might have read my previous warning post and have adjusted their strategy to make it look less dodgy even though it has dodgy written all over it lol. So in this post I thought i'd cover a few different things that i've noticed that might help you to make an educated decision when buying a phone. 1-if you see somebody list a very under priced item or even one that is priced fairly well but their account says "joined a few hours ago or even a day or so, I would be very careful. 2-if they have blunt non logical description. such as "received as gift, don't need it. Or just some copy pasted technical analysis of the item, that would also raise alarms, for me at least. 3-communication! communication is seriously everything on carousell, message them and no matter how good of a deal it might seem to be, DONT EVER BUY THE ITEM IF YOU CAN'T PICK IT UP IN PERSON AND TEST IT! Chances are it's a fake account that will give you a weak as excuse as to how they're in a different state for whatever reason and unable to meet up. 4- I've also noticed that lately they've started doing things slightly different. Previously it was all about making an account and posting a "brand new iphone 7 or 6s lol" but nowadays they first post some general household items and then they post the phone. They might even post them and an hour later mark a couple as "Sold" just to make their account look more and more legit. although please, don't fall for their silly games. These are all very low life people and i sincerely hope they get caught. The last thing I want is for genuine, nice people to get scammed by them. So please don't rush, take your time and analyse everything carefully. And if your heart makes you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable about a deal, I'd pull out. As chances are it is right. I try my best everyday to analyse as many ads as I can and report them before someone buys a fake item. Wish you all a Happy new year! #Onelove ❤️

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