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Kurahan, which is considered to be a very good food for diabetic patients, is a type of grain that has a close relationship with our village life. Today, we buy kurahan flour from the market, but in the past, kurahan flour was made at home, and every house had a kurahangala for it. In our country as well as in various countries, kurahan is also used for medicinal treatment. South Africans used kurahan for leprosy, and in Indochina, kurahan has been used for the treatment of liver diseases. It is used as a vegetable in Indonesia, in Goa state of India it is used for chest ailments, the Vietnamese as a diuretic herb and the Sumatra people use it for worm ailments. There are various types of food that are prepared using kurahan. Meanwhile, there is a huge demand for kurahan porridge today. Take some kurahan flour and dissolve it well with water and put some salt and put it on the stove. Cook the flour so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Add some coconut milk if needed and take it when it boils. Drink with sugar or jaggery if required according to your taste Amount of nutrition 328 calories 13.1 grams of moisture 7.3 grams of protein 1.3 grams of fat 72 grams of carbohydrates 344 mg of calcium 283 mg of phosphorus Iron m. 6.4 grams 42 micrograms of carotene 420 micrograms of thiamine 190 micrograms of riboflavin Niacin 1.1 mg High quality Sri Lankan Kurakkan that does not contain any chemicals

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