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Played around with it a couple times but didn't have time to play with mapping. In terms of hardware it would be in good, unused condition, as I only ever had a fiddle with it. Cosmetically, there's surface scratches and some wear of paint at the front of the unit. Great unit for a hobbyist DJ or someone on travels who wants something mappable they can just whip out on a whim. The SCS.3m incorporates all of the functions of a two channel (but switchable) DJ mixer, plus a host of innovative new performance features made possible by Stanton's unique touch sensitive control surface. The touch sensitive sliders can be used to tweak EQs, allowing you to bring in different elements of a song during a mix, or instantly switch them to control FX parameters... all in one surface. The wide, touch-sensitive crossfader not only allows for seamless slow blends between decks, but is also able to detect (like the rest of the sliders) multiple finger presses, allowing for quick transform effects all in one control. The multicolour buttons can easily perform transport controls for starting and stopping playback, setting loops, doing EQ kills, or engaging effects without requiring a separate trigger controller. All of the visual indicators stay 100% in sync with applications supporting MIDI feedback, allowing for clear indication of the software settings and positions in low light situations. Additionally, the unique touch sensitive surface provides a new level of durability, since there are no moving parts to wear or break. $50. Can post. Unit comes as is.

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Melbourne, Australia

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