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STORE RULES - c_yuudai





Hello! I feel like I need to extend some rules as some don't seem to follow through or just waisting my time. Here are my store rules if you like to buy my items. STORE RULES ◼️Please do read my bio if you want to know if I do meets ups and postage details and before you buy and item from me. ◼️MEET UPS: as stated on my bio, I can only do any station on PAKENHAM TRAIN LINE (excluding Richmond, South Yarra and Caulfield) and Melbourne CBD. However, if you want to meet up at Melbourne CBD, it will depend on my schedule and when I can go as well. I would rather to meet up in the city if it's 2+ items. Please don't expect me to go to wherever you live for example, highpoint or western suburbs etc. ◼️POSTAGE: Usually postage will depend on where you live and Australia wide would be $8. If you live closer to me, the postage would be less and can negotiate the postage fees. Postage can be lessen if the item is light weight or be a bit more of it's heavier. If you choose postage, please provide your full name and address and check that everything is spelt correctly as I will be checking as well to make sure the address is right before I post it. ATM, cannot ship overseas. ◼️PLEASE REPLY: I had so many not replying to me if they want the item or not thus wasting my time and losing others that may want the same item as your buying. Please be considerate. If you no longer want a item, PLEASE MESSAGE ASAP. I do not want time wasters or people holding me back from selling a item if they won't put the effort. ◼️I ONLY RESERVE ITEMS FOR ABOUT A WEEK OR WEEK AND A HALF: If i do accept your offer for an item and you do not reply to whatever messages I sent, I will warn you for you to reply at a certain time and if you don't follow through, I WILL UNRESERVE IT. Please be considerate that others may want the same item as you too. ◼️NO SECOND CHANCES IF I UNRESERVE YOUR ITEM: if you're not gonna put the time and effort that I give to you, not show that you are really keen about the item or just waisting my time the first time around, why should I give you a chance if your not gonna follow through? :) ◼️BLOCKED: I will start to block those who waste my time, being rude or don't reply to me after I accepted the offer after asking if they want the item or not. I understand that people are busy on their daily life as I'm also busy on my days as well. However, please do make the effort to check your messages when you make a offer with me, turn your notifications on so we can avoid any conflict with communication. ◼️PAYMENT: I can only do Cash during meet ups and Bank transfers for both meet ups and postage. I will NOT send your item until you make the FULL PAYMENT if I'm posting it to you. If you are on a different bank to me, it may take a day or two to be fully paid. ◼️PROOF: if you are bank transferring, please screenshot that you have sent the payment to me. When I post your item, I will take a photo of the receipt and package and send it to you. ◼️NO RETURNS OR EXCHANGES: I won't be responsible for any loss or damage during delivery. If you want to receive your package by signing, please tell me and I can include it when I post it to you. ◼️NO SWAPS. Sorry I don't swap items. ◼️NO COMPLAINING OF MY SET PRICE OR ANYTHING: these are my items and I can set whatever price I like, used or New. If you do negate the price and the offered price you make is too low, I will decline. If you think you can buy one in store, then go buy it in store 🤷🏻‍♀️ ◼️If you have any questions, please PM me. :) HAPPY SHOPPING!

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Great buyer!