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3-piece bundle: * 1 x book : The Catarbie Conspiracy. Book 1 of the Houkura series by Sabrina deSouza. Genre: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Action, Comedy, Spiritual. * 1 x bookmark: contains images of some of the main characters. * 1 x mini-CD: Windows XP, 7 compatible screensaver containing images from the book and the Houkura website. About the author and the seller: This is my own self-published book. If purchased, you can ask to have the book inscribed. The book is illustrated in some chapters to give the reader a better view of the scene. Synopsis: What would you do if you found yourself with two strangers on another world? Amidst deadly magical intrigue and mystical creatures, would you try to find a way home or fight to save your new friends? Jacket Description: Three tales unknowingly entwined. A fatherless teenager. A burnt out house. A conspiracy to control the land. Tarheen is thrilled that the travelling magi, Zoltan, wants him to be a magi. But Zoltan’s motives might not be as straightforward as it seems and in fact becomes even more complicated as Zoltan himself makes a startling discovery that inextricably entwines him with Tarheen and Tarheen's mother, Krysta. As Tarheen explores the extent of his magic, he learns of Zoltan’s plans and the consequences are more than the teenager can handle. Meanwhile, three strangers converge at a burnt-out house in the small Australian town of Dartona. Danika, Finn and Robb had completely different reasons for being there, but suddenly they find themselves on a beach that clearly wasn’t there before. As they work together to figure out what’s going on, Danika discovers she has a special gift – if only she can figure out how to use it. After befriending a young boy, Gredat, they discover that they’re not only no longer in Dartona, but they’re on a completely different world with three moons! Finn and Robb also come to the slow realisation that they might also have special gifts. While seeking help they hear about a mysterious illness called Catarbie that turns the people into mindless automatons that suddenly become violent. When Gredat becomes infected, the search for a cure becomes more urgent. As they try to find a way home and a cure for the disease, they discover that anyone infected with Catarbie are being controlled by a mysterious stranger and that the disease might only be the stepping stone for something far more sinister. The trio now find themselves in a dilemma: should they continue to find a way back home; should they find a cure for the Catarbie; or should they go all the way and stop this stranger from carrying out his vile conspiracy? #SunriseTV

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