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Condition: Only unwrapped to take out PC and bookmark. The DVD is not used at all so it should be in clean and mint condition. Colour: Green (Colour is lighter and more detailed in person) Fan service items: Not included. I'm willing to exchange albums as well under conditions. These conditions are: If your album has pcs, items, etc. included, I will either pay OR provide the pcs and the bookmark. However, a photo must be shown that you are including the items. I prefer meet-up but I don't mind shipping it you if that's your preferred option. Unfortunately, extra charges will be included for shipping (around $2-$10) Thank you!!

Deal Options


Brisbane, Australia

I do not mind where to meet up but since the Brisbane City is basically in the middle of states, I would prefer to meet up there. We can discuss when you are free to pick it up once you have messaged me and confirmed.

Mailing or Delivery

Not preferred option for me since it's usually quite inconvenient in my area but I will do so if this is your preferred option. The shipping fee will cost around ($2-$10)