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gypsy88 Doesnt send right size Then just txt you kisses and smiley faces and tells you too bad so sad a bitch to buy stuff off When you complain she just laughs Would recommend all people to stay away from this seller Said if i leave bad feed back she would just say im lying Untrustworthy Better off flushing your money down the toliet


bree.miller I have still not received my items. I was told they were sent on the 27th of February. It is now May!! This is horrible! I bought not only 1 pair of bathers but 4. Disgusting! No postage has ever taken this long! She also fails to reply now that she is in the wrong.


amberchadwick I ordered 2 different bikinis and she sent me 2 of the same... Quite disappointed and annoyed. When I told her she wasn't sorry just ignored my message. Didn't get my trade worth. 😥 your carelessness is wasting my time

hey! I would negotiate another trade bc you didn't clarify with me and only sent me a photo with one item liked so I thought you meant you wanted 2 of the same type sorry about that 😓 was really busy so wasn't able to check carosell lately and reply all the messages I have xx really sorry I will message you 💙💙

girly stuff found here 👇🏻😋 • non preorders and preorders 🐢 • allow 2-5 weeks for preorders to arrive • nego on a few items • trades? maybe • no refunds or exchanges 💞 don't tell shops ❤️❤️