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Great seller to deal with! Prompt replies and delivery, and a really friendly person. Thanks :)


Bad experience. I really tried my best to be nice but she expected too much for a fast response when i've given her an explanation as to why that i was slow. I gave her a discount and said i had no intentions of scamming anyone what so ever but she kept saying my slow replies made me untrustworthy. I accept and respect her choice and decision to not go forth with the transaction but her replies were blunt and were quite off putting even though i tried my best to explain myself and be nice.


My replies were far from blunt and off putting . You explain to me after over a week of not replying which by that point was to late . You gave me $5 off?? You couldn't even get back to me about postage . Maybe it's best that you do not sell things if you cannot get back to a buyer it is unfair


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Multiple types of make up items available on a regular basis as this is a business I run. I do not do swaps or meet ups. I do post and I do not like nasty comments. If you are not interested do not comment . Thank you to all of my returning customers ❤💄