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torotoro VERY IRRESPONSIBLE BUYER. REPORT THIS PERSON. Confirmed the night before to meet up, when 30 minutes before meet up at Hougang mrt, didn't reply my messages. In the end no show. Made me wait. At least tell the seller you're dealing with that you're unable to make it. Be adult about it if you can't deal. Don't waste people's time just cause you backed out. So not cool. DONT DEAL WITH HER. PERIOD. Bye, Felicia.


jsjsljs Nice and polite buyer who is punctual in meeting time. Not a fussy buyer. Deal went smoothly with no hassle. Recommeded!


umaruu very very disappointed with the buyer, at first everything went smoothly confirm meet-up, item, date and time 😕 but 1 night before the meet-up i decided to remind the buyer about the following days's meet-up to my surprise no reply 🙁 on the day of the meet up i messaged her phone and no reply, texted her many times all no answers ☹️ sincerely disappointed- if you weren't interested anymore why not just tell me? no need play catching right ? 🤔 oh well, what's done is done 😮 not trustable ❌

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