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prelovedsydaus Harassed me to absolutely give her the tickets although I offered a refund due to my partner wanting the tickets back (refunded the same amount and straight away). After going back and forth, messaged me saying “location exhausted” but that was Category A. My tickets are category B and they’re still plenty of those, just that my tickets are good seats near the stage as I bought them minutes after it went live. Thank you for the feedback though 😊 x

Sorry the A B thing was a mistake didn’t really think that was a big deal! Sorry if it came across as harassment because that was not at all my intention. I was just a bit confused after buying concert tickets and then being told that she wanted a refund because she decided she wanted to go after all? I tried to call her and sort it out to make sure she was okay but i don’t think she felt comfortable with that. Which I totally understand.


eve.2137 Wonderful seller and great to work with! Also fair and reasonable. Definitely a good experience:)

thanks beaut!! ❤️❤️


sophweng Lovely individual! I had a few problems with the tickets but she was very patient and understood ❤️❤️

thanks so much!! I would just like to emphasise that you were so good to us and also super understanding!! need more carousell members like you xx

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