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hanr28 Great buyer to deal with!


mgzkte An easy transaction & great buyer to deal with. Thank you :)


mywishes Be aware buyers sells fake items can you show me the proof? As you just msg me and told me your item is fake and now you are denying it you are unbelievable. I contacted PayPal and reported you not you!! You should be ashamed to call me scum as you are the scum who buys fake items and sells them here and ask people to make the payment as family and friends on PayPal so they can’t open a case later on. You are on fire as you got caught. I don’t have time for this bye. You show me the proof!!!!!

I contacted PayPal that you accused me selling fake items! You purchased my item which is 💯 % Authentic I do have a proof of purchasing as well. You left me positive feedback and now 2 weeks later you decided it’s fake item and you want your money back! I have a proof of your feedback on my profile. I never asked you to pay with PayPal for family and friends. That’s why you got buyers protection and now dealing with this! You are liar ! I wouldn’tsell fake items and I have feedback to prove it!