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Photography; a hobby for some people and a professional commitment to other Australians. Whichever you might fall under, you share the same love for taking pictures. The community of photographers in Carousell thrives amongst a place of mutual respect and love for the art of photography. Cameras, like any other electronic mobile device, are usually well taken care of by its owner. You might not even be able to tell the difference between a first-hand product and a used camera. So, go price shopping on Carousell and search for your next photo companion among the variety of camera options available in our marketplace. Cameras have progressed fast alongside advancements in technology. Rewind time, and you'll find an abundance of old and vintage film cameras, black-and-white photography and the manual yet fulfilling job to develop films. These cameras come with a 35mm lens. Alternatively, they are called a 35mm film. If you fast forward, photography currently boasts a wide range of products from mirrorless cameras, DSLR cameras, a 360 camera and point-and-shoot cameras. With video steadily on the rise, camcorders, action cameras and drones are now equally as popular as a camera when it comes to bending the rules in photography. Some photographers prefer not to restrict themselves to one camera lens. They usually opt for digital cameras or mirrorless cameras that offer interchangeable lenses, so their dynamic range increases. There are choices like a 16mm lens, 50mm lens, 200mm lens and more. The choice depends on the style of photography you adopt. The favourite brands among the Carousell community of sellers are Fujifilm, Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic and Leica. You can also find Polaroid cameras, action cameras from Sony, GoPro, and Valore in our marketplace. Finally, to top it off, a great camera deserves an equally great set of accessories. From camera bags to lens filters, a camera tripod, extra batteries and more, photographers like you would look to protect your camera and give it the extra care it needs. You can buy Crumpler camera bags or Herringbone camera bags to name a few. Another vital accessory to keep your camera in mint condition is a dry box or a dry cabinet.