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Laptops are almost a necessity as consumers look for convenience in the digital world. It's portable, and it's easy to carry around. They're essential for business, gaming and casual browsing. Thinking about where to buy laptops in Australia? Get them on Carousell! Whatever your needs may be for purchasing a laptop, Carousell offers a wide range. While a laptop price in Australia can get expensive, our community sells used laptops at low prices, so it's affordable for everyone. A desktop or PC might not be at the top of your shopping list when it comes to computers but don't forget about its advantages. Desktop computers in Australia are cheaper than laptops. Additionally, at the same price point, a desktop computer has better specs than a laptop. Families who want a computer can also opt for the desktop computer instead since portability is not a big issue at home. Creatives can also enjoy a better experience with their craft by using a desktop computer with a bigger screen with better display, and a fast processor. The Carousell community sells crowd-favourite brands like HP, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, Samsung and Apple. If you're into aesthetics, Apple's MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and iMac are excellent choices. We also have the gaming laptop and computer options like MSI, Razer and Alienware for the serious gamers looking for the best experience. For working professionals, we'd recommend Toshiba and Lenovo because they are workhorses that are durable with high performance capabilities.